Civils: A Product Catergory Deep Dive

Diving into the world of construction, we often find a myriad of unique needs and challenges that vary by project. The materials and solutions we choose can significantly impact the durability, safety, and sustainability of our work. Today, let’s explore how Premcrete’s range of specialized construction chemicals can address these needs, focusing particularly on Structural Grouts, Concrete Repair materials, Segmental Bridge Adhesive (SBA), Joint Sealants, Protective Coatings, and Anchor Resins.

What are Structural Grouts?

Structural Grouts serve various applications, from void filling to bridge bearings and precast erection. These grouts, with high compressive strength, low shrinkage, anti-washout properties, and high bond strength, efficiently fill voids and distribute loads, boosting structural stability and performance. For example, our Teknodure TS-F was critical in a new Sea Wall Structure at Dawlish, on the Devonshire Coast, thanks to its fast-setting nature. Always remember, selecting the right grout aligns with your project’s purpose and engineering specifications.

What are Concrete Repairs?

Concrete repairs come into play when renovating, maintaining, or repairing structures. Our EN1504 compliant materials support projects from concept to completion, providing solutions for critical structural applications, aesthetics, and a fair finish for subsequent protective coatings or waterproofing. For instance, our Teknocem LA, a Low-Alkali High Strength Flowable Micro Concrete, reduces the risk of ASR (alkali-silica reaction) or “concrete cancer.”

What is a Segmental Bridge Adhesive (SBA)?

Segmental Bridge Adhesive (SBA) acts as both a sealer and lubricant for match-cast precast segments, vital in segmental bridge & viaduct construction. Our Eponite EP range helps to transfer the load of the precast during pre-stressing and seals the joint to prevent water ingress, extending the structure’s longevity.

What are Joint Sealants?

Joint Sealants, including our popular polyurethane and polysulphide variants, are used for movement joints in concrete slabs, precast concrete walls, and structures like bridges. But we also produce specialist sealants like fuel resistant sealants, crucial in Fuel Station Forecourts and Dock areas.

What are Protective Coatings?

Protective Coatings offer a wide range of applications, from buried concrete protection to anti-carbonation & Anti-graffiti coatings. For instance, on a finished, exposed bridge, an anti-carbonation coating can protect against carbonation attack due to the carbon dioxide in the air and enhance the structure’s longevity.

What are Anchor Resins?

Finally, Anchor Resins offer a solution for securing and bonding anchor rods, bolts, or other fasteners into various substrates. It’s essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and engineering specifications when selecting and using anchor resins to ensure proper installation and long-term performance.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, at Premcrete, our aim is not just to supply products, but to deliver solutions that address the unique needs of every construction project. Whether it’s ensuring structural stability with our Structural Grouts, extending structure longevity with Protective Coatings, or enhancing durability with Joint Sealants.

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