Premcrete Adapts to New British Waterproofing Standard with the Innovative Prem360 Initiative

How has Premcrete adapted to the new British standards for Structural Waterproofing?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry, Premcrete, a leading manufacturer and supplier of structural waterproofing, gas protection, concrete repair, and other technical construction products, continues to distinguish itself with its pioneering approach. The recent launch of the British Waterproofing Standard, BS8102:2022, is a case in point, particularly with the emphasis on engaging with a waterproofing specialist at an early RIBA stage, and the need for collaboration between the relevant stakeholders throughout the project.

In response to this shift, Premcrete has astutely redefined its approach to waterproofing and project management with the introduction of the innovative Prem360 initiative.

What is Prem360?

Prem360, a turnkey service solution, has been meticulously crafted to address the challenges posed by the BS8102:2022. This comprehensive initiative serves a wide range of industry professionals, from structural consultants and architects to developers and contractors. Its prime aim is to guide these stakeholders through the transforming industry dynamics, enabling them to deliver compliant and successful projects.

Concept design

The journey through Prem360 begins with the Concept Design stage. Our proficient team offers an exhaustive suite of services including feasibility studies, budget quotations, and tender support. We also present value-engineered design solutions with an emphasis on sustainable design concepts, reinforcing our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Detail Design

Moving to the Detail Design stage, our CSSW-qualified design team steps in, backed by a robust £5 million indemnity insurance. With an acute focus on project-specific detailing and comprehensive design support, the team utilises our avant-garde Premtrac QC system to ensure precision and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Site Support

In the Site Support stage, our commitment to excellence shines through. We offer detailed installation training, alongside hands-on support to ensure impeccable execution. Our specialized contractors stand ready for installation, while the Premtrac system continues to guarantee QC adherence, ensuring operations align perfectly with design specifications and project requirements.

Project Delivery

The final stage, Project Delivery, brings the journey full circle. With our in-house manufacturing and dedicated stock commitment, we assure the availability and quality of all project materials. Our dedicated technical support team offers real-time problem-solving, while our commercial reporting ensures operations transparency. To top it all, every project under the Prem360 banner comes with a 25-year warranty, underscoring our commitment to long-lasting quality and client satisfaction.

“We perceive change not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to refine our offerings and solidify our standing as an industry leader”

In Conclusion

Premcrete’s Prem360 initiative is our strategic response to the changes brought by the BS8102:2022. Not just adapting, we’ve reimagined our services to be more efficient, customer-centric, and dedicated to delivering superior quality. This comprehensive initiative ensures our clients can navigate the new British Waterproofing Standard with ease and assurance, and from an early stage. At Premcrete, we perceive change not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to refine our offerings and solidify our standing as an industry leader.


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