The Rail Industry: A Focus on Parsons Tunnel

Premcrete has been a significant collaborator in the rail industry for a considerable amount of time, contributing towards the sector’s requirement for dependable performance, effective efficiency, and consistent network uptime. Our scope of solutions spans across a broad spectrum, which includes tunnels, bridges, parking facilities, gantries, etc.

We’ve made notable contributions to projects such as Dawlish Sea Wall, Colne Valley Viaduct and other HS2 sites, which has granted us nationwide acknowledgement for the excellence, dependability, and longevity of our solutions. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at our experience with Parson’s Tunnel in Devon.

The Project

Parson’s Tunnel presented a challenging but exciting opportunity. The main contractor, Morgan Sindall, required technical support and high-quality construction products to complete the grouting works successfully. The answer? The high compressive strength technology of Teknodure TS, our thick section grout along with Teknodure HF which is our high-flow grout perfect for tight spaces, and our rapid setting mortar, Teknocem Rapid.

Our Involvement

As a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals in the UK, we were involved in the early stages of the scheme, ensuring that our products met the project requirements:

Teknodure TS: This thick section grout provided high compressive strength for the challenging environment.

Teknodure HF: This high-flow grout is ideal for tight spaces, this product was crucial in the restricted areas of the tunnel.

Teknocem Rapid: A rapid-setting mortar with high early compressive strength, perfect for timely project completion.

Support and Delivery

But our involvement didn’t stop at the provision of materials. Whenever Morgan Sindall had questions or faced issues, they could rely on our expert advice and guidance:

Expert Advice: Our team was readily available to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring the successful application of our products.

Scheduled Deliveries: We streamlined planning with scheduled deliveries through a call-off order, ensuring timely deliveries to site.

To delve deeper into the transformation of Parsons Tunnel, watch our case study video below.

In Conclusion

The Result

Thanks to the combination of our products and continuous support, Morgan Sindall was able to complete the grouting works at Parson’s Tunnel to a high standard and on time. This demonstrates the crucial role of quality construction materials and expert technical support in project success.

In conclusion, high-quality products and technical support are invaluable to your construction project’s success. As we’ve seen with Parson’s Tunnel, they can help ensure that works are completed to a high standard and on time. So next time you embark on a project, consider how a provider like Prem Crete could contribute to your success.

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