What is included within a detailed Waterproofing and Gas Protection design?

In the realm of structural waterproofing and construction, the detailed design stage, or as we refer to it, Segment Two of 360, is a critical component. It is in this stage where you, as the client, ensure the full protection and integrity of your project. But how does it do that? And why is it so important for your scheme? Let’s explore these questions further.

What is the Detailed Design Stage?

The detailed design stage is the phase in your project where waterproofing and other protection system designs are meticulously outlined. This includes the particulars of the system and how it interacts with other project components, ensuring a cohesive and effective design.

Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance Essential?

Engaging with a manufacturer who carries substantial professional indemnity insurance is vital for the following reasons:

Risk Coverage: We carry £5 million insurance, which broadly speaking, provides adequate coverage for most major projects, protecting you from potential design errors.

Client Protection: The level of insurance is key to giving you, as a client, the protection you need in the event of design issues.

What is a Formal Engagement?

BS8102: 2022 emphasises the importance of a ‘formal engagement’ between a manufacturer and a client. But what does this mean?

Liability Responsibility: A formal engagement means there’s a realistic responsibility taken on by the manufacturer. This ensures you can hold us accountable for our designs.

Monetary Involvement: By attaching a monetary value to the engagement, it means that you have a pathway to pursue if something doesn’t materialise correctly in the design.

The Premcrete Approach

At Premcrete, we embrace the formal engagement process and strive to provide comprehensive design support to all stakeholders involved in a project. This means:

Collaborative Design: We work closely with the entire project team, providing holistic support regardless of who engages with us.

Continuous Support: We remain a part of your design process from the formal engagement stage, offering ongoing support and collaboration throughout your scheme.

In Conclusion

In summary, the detailed design stage and a formal engagement with a manufacturer like Premcrete are crucial elements to ensure your construction project’s success. It not only provides robust and comprehensive designs but also protects you as a client, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for your scheme. With our commitment to holistic support and continuous collaboration, we aim to make this process as seamless and beneficial for you as possible.

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