Parsons Tunnel


The Challenge

Infrastructure projects are complex and require the collaborative efforts of multiple teams. The Parsons Tunnel project in Devon, UK, was no exception. A vital endeavor, it demanded high-level expertise and the backing of various suppliers and contractors. One of them was Premcrete, a leading UK manufacturer of construction chemicals.


At Premcrete, our involvement in the Parsons Tunnel project spanned from its early stages. We were tasked with offering technical support and supplying top-tier construction products to satisfy the project’s demands, and back the endeavors of the main contractor, Morgan Sindall.

The Partnership with Morgan Sindall

Planning for the Parsons Tunnel project, Morgan Sindall knew they needed a supplier who could offer specialist products and technical support. Consequently, Premcrete was approached for its vast range of products suitable for critical applications, such as Teknodure TS, Teknodure HF, and Teknocem Rapid.

Premcrete’s High-Quality Products

Teknodure TS, a thick section grout, was recommended for use in the socket under the precast columns. With high compressive strength, this product is ideal for applications requiring support for heavy loads. It can be applied up to 500mm thick in a single application.

Next, Teknodure HF, a high flow grout, was employed to flow under and support the precast columns. This low-viscosity product easily flows into tight spaces, making it ideal for applications demanding high structural support levels.

Lastly, Teknocem Rapid, a rapid-setting mortar, was used for bedding the precast beam roof to the tunnel. With high early strength, this product is perfect for time-sensitive applications like rail possessions.

Technical Support and Delivery

Premcrete’s high-quality products undoubtedly met the project’s needs. However, it was the technical support offered by our team that truly stood out. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Premcrete offered expert advice and guidance whenever needed.

Another noteworthy aspect was Premcrete’s capability to provide scheduled deliveries via a call-off order. This allowed Morgan Sindall to plan their deliveries in advance and ensured that necessary products were available as and when needed.


Premcrete’s technical expertise and high-quality construction products played a critical role in the successful and timely completion of the grouting works at Parsons Tunnel. If you’re seeking a supplier that guarantees high-quality construction products coupled with unmatched technical support, look no further than Premcrete.

Products Used

Project Details

Project Location:
Main Contractor:
Morgan Sindall
Structural Engineer:
Network Rail
Groundworks Contractor:
Systems Installed
Type A:
Teknodure TS
Type B:
Teknodure HF
Type C:
Teknocem Rapid
Levels below ground:
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