Cemflex VB

Active Metal Waterstop

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Cemflex VB comprises a galvanized steel plate which is encapsulated with a unique coating that will react with the cement in the concrete to seal construction joints in reinforced concrete.

When fresh concrete is placed around Cemflex VB the alkalinity of the concrete activates the coating causing it to activate and crystallise to gain an intimate, active bond with the concrete. Once the concrete is hardened around the water stop the crystalline coating will remain active for the lifespan of the structure.


Cemflex VB is used to provide an integral seal in both horizontal and vertical construction joints in concrete it is particularly suitable for sealing kicker joints in reinforced concrete wall construction. It may be used in areas where it is not possible to protect a hydrophilic waterstop from coming into contact with water before it is encased in concrete.

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  • Can be effectively installed prior to concrete pour or directly placed into fresh concrete.
  • Requires only a 40mm concrete cover to function effectively.
  • Easily installed without the need to weld the joints.
  • Unaffected by inclement weather conditions.
  • Can be used in conjunction with hydrophilic waterstop.

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