Non-Explosive Demolition Agent

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DEXPAN is a hydro-expansive grout suitable for application in temperatures between 100C and 250C. It is typically used to fracture rock, or reinforced concrete. It is also being used to break up pier caps, foundations as well as being used to fracture granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, quartzite, volcanic rock (porous, or not). This product may also be used in underwater excavation, where explosives can not be used.


DEXPAN is ideally suited for all demolition work but particularly where the use of explosives will cause damage, pollution, danger or inconvenience to the surrounding environment. Quarries, demolition works, breaking out before concrete repair and mining are some of the areas where DEXPAN will save the user time, money and inconvenience.

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• Noise and vibration free.

• Environmentally friendly, no dust, flyrock, gas or debris.

• Easy of application by non-skilled operatives.

• Less hazardous than conventional methods.

• No licence or special expertise required for usage.

• Expansive stress of more than 28MPa.

• Economical – savings in manpower, product cost and

removal of waste.

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