Envirocure 90

High-Efficiency Aqueous Curing Agent

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Envirocure 90 25ltr is a unique water-based formulation which has an alkali reactive emulsion-breaking system. This ensures that when the Envirocure 90 is applied to fresh concrete then immediately upon contact with the cement, it will break down to form a non-penetrative continuous film.

This impervious film prevents excessive water evaporation resulting in higher cement hydration and reduced shrinkage. The film is degraded when exposed to UV light over a period of time.


Envirocure 90 is used as a spray-applied curing agent for application to concrete to retain moisture in freshly placed concrete. It’s 90% efficient properties make it suitable for application to concrete where the highest mechanical properties of the hardened concrete are critical.

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  • Water-based.
  • Non-hazardous.
  • Conforms to ASTM C309-81 Type 1 Class A.
  • Increases the mechanical properties of the hardened concrete.

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