Epocote FS

Waterproof Epoxy Coating

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EPOCOTE FS is a high-performance solvent free epoxy coating which is designed for application to concrete and masonry to provide an effective water and damp-proof membrane. The coating cures to form an excellent abrasion and chemical resistant surface. EPOCOTE FS is supplied as a two-component product consisting of a base component and a curing agent component. The two components are supplied in pre-weighed quantities for site mixing.


EPOCOTE FS is designed for use as a liquid waterproof membrane in sub-structure applications such as basement construction, swimming pools and lift pits. EPOCOTE FS may also be used for application to concrete balconies and walkways, to provide a highly durable waterproof coating, with excellent mechanical properties and with a decorative finish. A quartz aggregate may be incorporated into the application of the coating to provide a durable slip resistant coating, suitable for vehicular trafficking. EPOCOTE FS is suitable for application to concrete masonry and steel substrates.

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• Solvent free and low odour.
• Excellent adhesion to wide variety of substrates.
• Excellent resistance to water and industrial chemicals.

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