Epocote MMA-F

Flexible Waterproof Coating

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EPOCOTE MMA-F is a two component rapid cure flexible liquid-applied waterproof coating. The applied coating provides an extremely durable finish whilst retaining a degree of elasticity. It´s flexibility ensures that the integrity of the membrane is not compromised even in the event of a degree of movement in the structure to which it has been applied. It remains completely impervious to water and when subjected to normal service conditions it will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of water and ground moisture for the life span of the structure.


EPOCOTE MMA-F is used as a resilient waterproof and chemical resistant membrane for podium decks, walkways, balconies, carparks, ramps and other structures where a durable waterproof coating is required. It is particularly suitable for use where the waterproof layer must retain a degree of elasticity. The product exhibits very rapid curing characteristics making it suitable for application where an early return to service is required or where the construction sequence demands rapid installation and curing of the membrane. The product is also particularly suitable for application to asphalt substrate due to its excellent adhesive properties making it very suitable for the refurbishment of balconies and raised walkways. Any penetrations through the coating can be sealed with resin anchors based on Vinylester, Polyester or Epoxy resin.

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• Extremely rapid curing.
• Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry and other porous substrates.
• Excellent adhesion to tarmac, bitumen and other asphalt substrates.
• The cured coating retains a degree of elasticity.
• Good chemical resistance.
• Resistant to thermal shock.
• Hygienic and easily cleaned.

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