Epodure EP600

High Strength Epoxy Anchor Adhesive

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EPODURE EP600 is a two-component epoxy chemical
anchor system. Its unique formulation utilizing the
latest covalent bond technology makes it suitable for
deep embedment of steel, anchor bolts and
reinforcement starter bars in critical load applications.
It’s superior bond to the substrate makes it particularly
suitable for the use in diamond drilled holes. Once
cured the adhesive is highly chemical resistant.


EPODURE EP600 is particularly suited for the anchoring
of holding down bolts and reinforcement starter bars in
critical load situations. It is suitable for use on cracked
concrete, it is also suitable for use in underwater

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• Excellent bond strength and load resistance.
• Suitable for deep embedment applications.
• Suitable for application to diamond drilled holes.
• Close edge distance permitted.
• Suitable for use with all grades of threaded rod and
rebar in accordance with TRO29.
• Independently tested.

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