Epodure PS

Polyester Resin Grout

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EPODURE PS is a rapid setting polyester-based resin grout, suitable for grouting components where exceptionally high mechanical properties are required before an early return to service. The product comprises of a base component and a catalysed filler component. The product can be mixed to the desired consistency and will achieve compressive strengths in excess of 70 MPa within 2hrs. Once cured, the grout will resist high impact and dynamic loads. The grout is suitable for placement in temperatures down to 0oC. The cured grout offers excellent resistance to chemicals and petroleum.


EPODURE PS is used as a flowable grout for situations where exceptionally high compressive strength is required at an early age. This facilitates an early return to service in critical zones, including airfield lights and cable slots, grouting of highways iron work, grouting of rail track base plates and other critical components.

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• Ultra-rapid compressive strength gain.
• Excellent bond to concrete, asphalt, and metal substrates.
• Good chemical resistance once cured.
• Suitable for cold weather application.

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