Epoflex MMA

Flexible Liquid Waterproof Membrane

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EPOFLEX MMA is two -component rapid-cure flexible waterproof membrane. The applied membrane provides an extremely durable finish which retains a degree of elasticity for the lifetime of the structure. It is highly impact resistant, making it suitable for areas which are to be trafficked. It remains completely impervious to water and when subjected to normal service condition it will provide an effective barrier to water and moisture for the life span of the structure. A slip resistant finish can be achieved by incorporating a quartz aggregate into the membrane.


EPOFLEX MMA is designed for use as a waterproof membrane for application to roofs, podium slabs, carpark decks and suspended walkways. It is particularly suitable for application to structures that are susceptible to minor cracking. The flexibility of the cured membrane insured that the integrity of the membrane remains uncompromised in the event of a degree of movement in the base substrate.

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• Extremely rapid curing.
• Extremely durable and impact resistant.
• Excellent chemical resistance.
• Retains a degree of flexibility once cured.
• Suitable for internal and external use.
• Gas and hydrocarbon resistant

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