Eponite MMA-P
Ultra-Rapid Cure Pourable Mortar

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EPONITE MMA-P is a high strength, pourable,
two component Methacrylate resin mortar,
designed for rapid curing and permanent repairs
to concrete and masonry. The mixed material is
applied to a suitably prepared surface, and cures
to form a durable, abrasion resistant repair.


Eponite MMA-P can be used to repair spalled or
damaged concrete, chemical bunds, bedding
pre-cast concrete beams, nosing’s on expansion
joints, floor repairs, roadway repairs, etc. The
product is particularly suitable for use where
minimal downtime is permitted, where the
ambient temperature is below 0°C, or in voids
and joints where little or no movement is

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• Fast curing even at low temperatures
• Pourable for ease of application
• Impact and abrasion resistant
• High bond strengths to steel and concrete
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Frost resistant and impervious to water

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