Eponite Trackprimer
High Performance Epoxy Primer

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EPONITE TACKPRIMER is a two-component epoxy primer, consisting of a base component and a curing agent. The components are supplied in pre-weighed packs, suitable for site mixing. It is designed for application to concrete, masonry and other porous substrates, to promote adhesion of PREMCRETE EPOXY MORTARS screeds and sealants.


EPONITE TACKPRIMER is designed to be used as a high-performance primer to ensure maximum bond adhesion of PREMCRETE EPOXY REPAIR MORTARs and screeds. It is also suitable for use as an inter-layer adhesive for bonding new concrete to old. It is suitable for applications to exposed steel reinforcement as a protective coating prior to concrete repair.

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• Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry and other porous substrates.
• Very low viscosity.
• Excellent chemical resistance.
• Solvent free and low odour.
• • Waterproof once cured.

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