Epoprime DPM

Epoxy DPM Primer

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EPOPRIME DPM is an epoxy DPM primer suitable for application to concrete and screed to act as a moisture suppressant. It is supplied as two-component pack, consisting of a base component and a curing agent suitable for mixing on site. When applied to the substrate it will also add as an adhesion promoter prior to subsequent application of mortars and screeds.


EPOPRIME DPM is designed for use as a liquid DPM for application to concrete and sand/cement screeds, it has been designed to control residual moisture in new screeds to allow the early application of moisture sensitive coatings and overlayments. It is also suitable for use as a liquid DPM on existing concrete substrates where a traditional DPM is not present. It’s tolerance to dampness make it suitable for use as a damp tolerant primer prior to the application of concrete and resin screeds.

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• Solvent free and low odour.
• Excellent adhesion to damp concrete.
• Low viscosity for easy application.
• Controls residual moisture in new construction.

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