Graffcote P

Polyurethane Anti-Graffiti Coating

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GRAFFCOTE P is a two component waterborne, clear polyurethane acrylic varnish. It is designed to provide long lasting protection from graffiti when applied in two coats to concrete, masonry, timber and steel. The cured coating may be pressure washed many times over, without any deterioration in the coating or the protection provided.


Graffcote P is applied in two coats to concrete,
masonry, steel and timber and most previously
painted substrates to provide a long lasting durable coating to protect from graffiti and other surface
contaminants. Graffcote P is easily applied by brush,
roller or airless spray to obtain a good finish.

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• Easy clean finish for masonry, interior wood &
most previously painted surfaces
• Retains natural surface features
• Tough, solvent and UV resistant finish
• Water vapour permeable

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