Hydroband HP
High Performance Thermoplastic Membrane

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HYDROBAND HP is a thermoplastic membrane, available in a variety of widths, designed for the waterproofing of joints and cracks where a high level of movement is expected. The membrane is sealed to the substrate either side of the joint using EPONITE EP, the flexibility of the membrane allows irregular movement to a high degree whilst maintaining a watertight seal. HYDROBAND HP is available in two different thicknesses – 1mm thick membrane is suitable for joints that are lightly trafficked and expect low movement whilst 2mm is suitable where heavier traffic is expected and on all expansion joints.


HYDROBAND HP is used in conjunction with EPONITE EP for waterproofing construction joints and expansion joints as well as waterproofing cracks and voids in concrete construction.

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• Highly Flexible.
• No activation required.
• Impermeable to water even against negative pressure.
• Can be applied to matt damp substrates without priming.
• Resistant to frost, UV, and ageing.

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