Hydroprufe DPC

Co-Polymer Damp-Proof Course

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HYDROPRUFE DPC is manufactured from co-polymer thermoplastic membrane and is designed to provide an effective barrier to rising damp and moisture as well as low levels of carbon dioxide and radon. It is effectively installed into masonry to form a damp-proof course or cavity tray. HYDROPRUFE DPC exhibits excellent tear resistance and provides a flexible yet robust barrier for use in conjunction with other PREMCRETE waterproof and gasproof membrane systems.


HYDROPRUFE DPC is suitable for use as a damp-proof course in all types of construction and can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications as well as to form cavity trays. It is suitable for use in conjunction with all Premcrete waterproof and gas-proof membranes.

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  • Pitch-free.
  • Excellent resistance to radon and carbon dioxide gas.
  • Excellent performance in high load situations.
  • System components for all applications including standard and bespoke pre-formed pieces.

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