Hydroprufe EP

High Performance Waterproof Epoxy Grout


HYDROPRUFE EP is a 3-component formulation which mixes to produce a fluid grout with excellent mechanical properties and is impervious to water and ground gases. It is suitable for placement in thicknesses from 5mm to 50mm. Once hardened the grout processes excellent chemical resistance and remains unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles.


HYDROPRUFE EP is used for filling voids and gaps which require the use of a waterproof structural grout. Applications include reinforcing bars grouting gaps between concrete and steel, grouting beneath base plates and as a general-purpose waterproof grout to fill voids between incompatible substrates.

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• Very high compressive and flexural strength
• Rapid strength gain
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Excellent bond to a variety of construction
• Excellent resistance to water and ground gas

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