Hydroprufe LG

Liquid Gas-Proof Coating


Hydroprufe LG is an epoxy-based liquid gas membrane
which is suitable for application to porous substrates to
provide resistance to ground gases including methane and
carbon dioxide. It is supplied as a two-component pack,
consisting of a base component and a curing agent suitable for mixing on-site.

When applied to the substrate it will also act as an adhesion promoter. The liquid-applied membrane
cures to form a resilient gas and VOC barrier, which is also
resistant to water and ground moisture.


Hydroprufe LG is suitable for application to structures
including concrete and masonry to provide a seamless gas-resistant membrane.

It is particularly suitable for
applications where it is not practicable to install a sheet gas membrane system, for example, Pile cap applications

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• Excellent resistance to methane and carbon
dioxide and VOC contaminants
• Excellent adhesion to damp concrete
• Low viscosity for easy application
• Ease of application to complex structures
• Solvent-free and low odour
• Test data confirming acceptability for use with Pile

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