Hydroprufe PVC-M

High Performance PVC Membrane

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HYDROPRUFE PVC-M is a flexible 2mm thick polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) membrane which is available with a signal layer designed to assist with the integrity of the installed system. It is designed as the primary component of the Premcrete compartmentalised waterproofing system for deep basement and tunnel construction.


HYDROPRUFE PVC-M is a loose-laid waterproof membrane which is easily installed to provide a seamless barrier to water to protect deep underground structures. It is particularly suitable where it is important to achieve a maintainable Type A Barrier Protection in accordance with BS 8102:2022. Typical uses are as follows:
• Deep basement structures
• Tunnels
• Culverts
• Civil engineering structures
• Reservoirs

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• Manufactured from virgin polymer
• Highly flexible and configurable
• Excellent resistance to aging
• Designed for heat welding using hot air gun or semi-automatic welding machine
• Root resistance to EN 14416
• High tensile strength
• Good resistance to aging
• High resistance to dynamic impact

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