High Performace Waterproof Render

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HYDROREND is a single component polymer enhanced fibre reinforced render mortar. It is suitable for the application to concrete and masonry backgrounds to provide a fairfaced render which will effectively resist both negative and positive orientation hydrostatic water pressure. It´s unique formulation ensures that the mortar will resist up to 10 bar water pressure.


HYDROREND is suitable for the rendering and profiling of concrete and masonry in both vertical, horizontal and overhead situations. It is suitable for use as an effective barrier to water ingress on substructures such as basements, tunnels, culverts and other underground structures. It is particularly suitable where there is a
requirement for a high build render or where the condition of the substrate precludes the use of a waterproof coating.

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• Maybe applied by hand or using spray techniques.
• Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry.
• Excellent resistance to water under hydrostatic pressure.
• Microfiber reinforced to reduce shrinkage cracking
• Primerless application.
• Maybe built up in thick sections on vertical and
overhead substrates.

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