Hydroseal FX

Two-Part Cementitious Hybrid-Polymer Coating.

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Hydroseal FX is a two-component cementitious hybrid -polymer coating, which exhibits excellent waterproofing and protective properties to both concrete and steel substrates.

Hydroseal FX cures to form a highly durable but flexible alkaline coating for protection from water, chlorides and ground gases. Hydroseal FX offers a degree of chemical resistance, making it particularly suitable for resistance to sulphate contamination.


Hydroseal FX is suitable for the structural waterproofing and protection of concrete, masonry and steel substrates. The applied coating will effectively resist water pressure up to 10 bar in both negative and positive orientations.

This makes it particularly suitable for waterproofing substructures, basements, culverts, tunnels, swimming pools, water reservoirs and other water retaining structures. It provides excellent protection against chlorides on exposed structures. It is also suitable for use as a coating to re-introduce effective cover to enhance the lifespan of the structure to which it is applied.

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• Hybrid polymer technology provides an enhanced bond to substrate.
• Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry and steel substrates.
• Easily applied by trowel, brush or spray equipment.
• Extremely low permeability to water in both positive and negative pressure orientations.
• Excellent carbon dioxide gas diffusion resistance.
• Excellent resistance to chloride ions to prevent corrosion of embedded reinforcement steel.
• 2mm provides the equivalent of 100mm of concrete cover to steel reinforcement.

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