Hydroseal RX
Elastomeric Waterproof Coating

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HYDROSEAL RX is a two-component elastomeric coating, suitable for application to concrete and masonry substrates where it is important for the cured coating to retain a degree of elasticity. It is designed to be applied by brush, trowel or spray equipment, to form a durable but flexible barrier to the ingress of water, chlorides and carbon dioxide. It is particularly suitable for application to substrates where there are cracks or where movement is anticipated. Its highly alkaline nature provides extra protection against steel corrosion.


HYDROSEAL RX is suitable for application to underground structures to provide an effective barrier of ground moisture and hydrostatic water pressure. It is particularly suitable for application to structures where there are cracks present or where movement is anticipated. Applications include the waterproofing of retaining walls, tunnels, culverts, swimming pools, podium slabs. It is also suitable for use as an embedment adhesive for HYDROBAND 2000 waterproof reinforcement tape.

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• Retains a degree of elasticity once cured.
• Provides effective barrier to hydrostatic water pressure to 10 bar.
• Provides the equivalent of 120mm of good concrete cover when applied as a 2mm coat.
• Good adhesion to concrete, masonry and steel substrates.
• Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing salts.

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