Hydrostop RI

Injectable Hose System

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HYDROSTOP RI is a PVC injection hose which is designed for application to construction joints in concrete, where the integrity of the joint is sealed by post injection. HYDROSTOP RI is suitable for use in conjunction with both microfine cement grouts and polyurethane resin grouts depending on the application. Easily installed at the construction stage and can be re-injected at any point during the lifetime of the structure.


HYDROSTOP RI is used for the effective sealing of construction joints in underground structures, including tunnels, reservoirs, dams, and other high-risk applications where it is important to be able to maintain the integrity of the construction joint throughout the lifetime of the structure. It is also particularly suitable for use in construction joints where there is a limited thickness of concrete which precludes the use of a hydrophilic water stop.

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• Suitable for re-injection.
• Easily installed and applied to complex structures.
• Can be used in conjunction with hydrophilic and PVC water stops.
• Effective sealing of poorly compacted concrete.
• Design life at least equal to that of the structure where it is incorporated.

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