Hydrostop WS10

Hydrophilic Rubber Waterbar

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HYDROSTOP WS10 is swellable hydrophilic waterstop which will swell upon contact with water. When installed into a confined joint the expansion of the waterstop exerts a positive pressure against both faces of the concrete to achieve a watertight seal which is resistant to hydraulic pressure. HYDROSTOP WS10 will swell up to 200% which makes it particularly suitable for sealing smaller sections of concrete. The installed waterstop has a delayed initial swell which prevents premature swell.


HYDROSTOP WS10 is designed for use in both horizontal and vertical construction joints in cast in-situ concrete. It may also be used for the sealing of joints between pre-cast elements however care should be taken to ensure that the waterstop is in proper contact with the concrete elements. HYDROSTOP WS10 is used for sealing construction joints where resistance to hydrostatic water pressure is required to achieve a watertight structure. Such applications include, basement construction, culverts, tunnels, retaining walls, lift pits and other water resisting structures.

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  • Easy application to complex shapes, due to small dimension.
  • Good swell capacity upon contact with water.
  • Delayed swell composition.
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with HYDROBAR PVC waterstops.
  • Design life at least equal to that of the structure where it is incorporated.

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