Hydrovoid 2000

Gas Ventilation Membrane

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HYDROVOID 2000 is a cuspated ventilation mat which incorporates a non-woven geotextile which when installed beneath a structural concrete slab, will provide a void to allow for the dispersion of ground gases, which may collect beneath a structure. It is supplied with a variety of accessories which are combined to produce an effective ventilation system which conforms with BS 8485:2015.


HYDROVOID 2000 is installed beneath structural concrete slab, either as a complete blanket or at pre-determined centres to provide the required ventilation / dispersion layer. The membrane is terminated into a collection manifold or gravel filled trenches to provide the required dispersion of hazardous ground gases. HYDROVOID 2000 is designed for use in conjunction with HYDROPRUFE 9000 and COMBI-SEAL gas membranes. The installed ventilation system will achieve 1.5 points for good performance or 2.5 points for very good performance in accordance with BS 8485: 2009 table 3.

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• Cost effective method of void forming, compared to traditional methods.
• Easily installed by semi-skilled operatives.
• High compressive load stability.

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