Preflex MMA

Rapid Cure Joint Sealant


PREFLEX MMA is a two-component pourable rapid-cure joint sealant, based on methacrylate technology. When mixed the sealant is a fluid consistency making it suitable for application to horizontal joints. The sealant exhibits outstanding cure rates which allow for trafficking after 1hr @ 20oC. The sealant cures to form a tough sealant which is suitable for joints that are heavily trafficked and offer some degree of support to the joint arrises to maintain the integrity of the joint. PREFLEX MMA also exhibits excellent bond characteristics to tarmacadam and asphalt.


PREFLEX MMA is used to seal joints where exceptionally heavy vehicular trafficking occurs and where there is a requirement for an early return to service. Applications include heavy industrial environments and at extremely low temperatures.

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• Extremely rapid cure.
• Suitable for application at temperatures down to
• Excellent resistance to chemicals.
• Highly abrasion resistant.
• Flexible but robust seal.

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