Hydrocrete Admixture

Combined Crystalline & Pore-Blocking Waterproof Concrete Admixture

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HYDROCRETE is established on Dual-AC Technology providing a unique crystalline waterproof concrete admixture, which also incorporates a hydrophobic pore-blocking component to provide the ultimate waterproofing admixture.

Initially, the pore-blocking component reduces the water absorption in the matrix. The next phase of action commences upon contact with water and produces nano-scale crystals which are formed in the micro-capillaries. These crystals remain active for the lifetime of the structure. It is supplied in powder form, in pre-weighed water-soluble bags, suitable for addition to the concrete at the batching plant.


HYDROCRETE is used as an integral waterproof admixture which will produce watertight concrete when used as part of the HYDROCRETE watertight concrete system.

Applications include waterproofing of basements, swimming pools, lift pits, tunnels, culverts and other structures which require resistance to water ingress.

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  • Reduces permeability of concrete.
  • Innovative Dual-AC Technology provides two-fold protection
  • Increases corrosion resistance of concrete.
  • Chloride-free, offering extra protection to the reinforcement bars.
  • Pre-weighed powder components are supplied in water-soluble bags for ease of dispensing.
  • Consistent performance through accurate addition at the concrete batching plant.

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