Prodasil 750

Acrylic Resin Curing Compound

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PRODASIL 750 is a clear acrylic resin compound which is designed for application to freshly placed concrete to provide curing properties and once hardened will produce a sealed dust proof surface. Its unique formulation impregnates the top surface of the concrete to provide an aesthetic sheen finish to the hardened concrete. PRODASIL 750 may also be applied to existing concrete and paviours.


PRODASIL 750 is used as a curing agent and sealing compound for new concrete. It penetrates the top surface of concrete to provide a permanent non-degrading finish. It is particularly suitable for application to power floated concrete in large warehouses and industrial zones.

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• Increases abrasion and chemical resistance.
• Non-degrading permanent finish.
• Improves cleanability.
• Increases resistance to oils and lubricants.

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