Teknocem AQ
Anti-Washout Structural Mortar

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TEKNOCEM AQ is a fast setting and fast curing mortar with rapid strength gain that is resistant to chloride penetration, consisting of a blend of potable water approved cement binder, specially selected dried aggregates all passing a 2mm sieve and retarders.


TEKNOCEM AQ is used as a waterproof render and as a concrete repair mortar in both overhead and horizontal applications, work in and around sewers and the sea and basement tanking. It is used for fast repairs and can be used in contact with Potable water.

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• Excellent resistance to pure water and sulphated water
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Fast Setting
• Excellent Adhesion
• Low Shrinkage
• Can be used under water
• High Strength
• Material only requires mixing on site

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