Teknocem Rapid
Rapid Hardening R4 Structural Repair Mortar

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TEKNOCEM RAPID is a rapid hardening polymer enhanced cementitious repair compound which is fibre reinforced. It is designed for use in horizontal applications, where rapid strength gain is important to enable an early return to service. It can be bulked out with an aggregate to provide a maximum depth of placement up to 300mm in one application. It is chloride free, making it suitable for application in contact with steel reinforcement.


TEKNOCEM RAPID is a rapid hardening repair mortar, suitable for use in applications where a rapid repair is required. Applications include, roads, bridges, airfield construction, and other infrastructure that demands an early return to service.

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• Rapid strength gains even at low temperatures.
• Excellent bond strength to substrate.
• Impermeable to water.
• Resistant to sulphate attack.

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