Teknolevel FS

Waterproof Levelling Mortar

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TEKNOLEVEL FS is a thixotropic polymer enhanced cementitious levelling mortar suitable for filling small voids and defects in concrete and masonry substrates to provide a consistent fair-faced finish. It´s dense matrix formulation ensures that the hardened mortar is resistant to the ingress of water, chlorides and other chemicals. It´s unique formulation consisting of microfibers and hybrid polymers ensures the integrity of the mortar even in thin sections.


TEKNOLEVEL FS is used as a high performance thin-section levelling mortar and fairing coat. It is used for the repair of minor defects and un-even substrates to provide a good quality fair-faced finish. When applied to concrete it provides a waterproof and chloride resistant finish. It is also suitable for the reinstatement of effective cover to embedded reinforcement to protect against carbonation attack.

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• Excellent adhesive bond to substrate, ensures the integrity of the repair.
• Suitable for application to vertical, horizontal and overhead substrates.
• Excellent resistance to water and chlorides.
• Excellent workability to enable a fair-faced finish to be achieved.
• Primerless application requiring only the saturation of the substrate with water.

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