Teknopave RC

Rapid-Setting Reinstatement Concrete

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Teknopave RC is a cementitious shrinkage-compensated repair concrete designed for the reinstatement of concrete in horizontal sections, where high compressive strength is required. The mixed product may be placed in sections between 20 mm and 650 mm in one application. Teknopave RC has been specially formulated to harden rapidly without producing excessive exothermic heat which may result in cracking.

The product is suitable for carrying out localized repairs to concrete pavements and for large areas of reinstatement where an early return to service is required. Its rapid strength gain, achieving in excess of 20 MPa within 2 hrs, allows for the early return to service of the repaired area. Teknopave RC is chloride free, making it suitable for use in contact with steel reinforcement.



Teknopave RC is suitable for the repair of concrete pavement areas where high compressive strength and early return to service are important.

Such applications include repairs to highways, bridges, airports, railways structures and other critical areas.

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  • Single component, requiring only the addition of clean water.
  • Rapid setting, allowing early return to service.
  • May be applied in a wide range of thicknesses in single application.
  • Easily applied and finished in accordance with normal concreting procedures.
  • Chloride free.
  • High strength.

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