Teknoset RSM

Rapid Set Bedding Mortar

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TEKNOSET RSM is a pre-mixed Portland cement based non- shrink bedding mortar suitable for the support of road ironwork and highway furniture. The mixed mortar, when placed, will harden in approximately 10 minutes. The compressive strength gain will reach 20MPa within 2 hour allowing early opening of roads to vehicular traffic. The self-contained product only needs to be mixed with water on site and the rapid setting assists the re-bedding of manhole frames and the setting of new frame systems. The product is chloride free and can be safely used with cast iron and steel units. The mortar can be placed in sections of 15mm to 75mm in thickness. Greater thicknesses can be built up in layers. Alternatively thicker beds may be formed by the addition of up to 30% of the Teknoset RSM weight of clean dry pea shingle. No additional mixing water is required. After placement no special curing is required in moderate ambient conditions.


• Re-bedding of raised manhole frames
• Bedding of frames in new roads
• Support of road furniture

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