Twinseal Compound GR

Gas-Resistant Waterproof Sealing Compound


TWINSEAL COMPOUND GR is an epoxy-based, waterproof sealing compound formulated to provide enhanced gas resistance to structures.

It is designed for a variety of surface preparation and waterproofing sealing details for use with PREMCRETE Waterproof Membranes.

Once applied, the TWINSEAL COMPOUND GR will form an impermeable chemical-cured connection to a wide variety of substrates. Its thixotropic consistency ensures ease of application to most substrates.


TWINSEAL COMPOUND GR is suitable for use on structural concrete and masonry. It is used for creating a waterproof seal around penetrations through PREMCRETE WATERPROOF MEMBRANES and other difficult junctions, where it is important to maintain the integrity of the membrane.

It is particularly suitable for sealing membranes to waterproof and gas-resistant coatings where the use of lap tape is not suitable.

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  • Provides effective watertight seal at difficult junctions.
  • Resistant to Gas and VOC vapours.
  • Produces effective seal between otherwise incompatible membranes.
  • Easily applied by brush or trowel.

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