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1. Concept

Design Concept

Developing a design concept is foundational to any successful construction project. It gives a design its depth, meaning and direction which ultimately serves to guide the design work. Not only is it important to get the concept right from a buildability perspective, but it also serves as an effective pitch to clients to ensure buy-in from every stakeholder on a project.

Premcrete has the expertise and construction knowledge to provide technical guidance at the early stages of a project. From understanding the risks of any project to programme challenges, we understand construction and the importance of getting the design established early.

Design Compliance

We work strictly in accordance with the British Standard for Structural Waterproofing, Gas Protection measures and Concrete Repair.

We also work within the guidelines of other well-established industry organisations such as NHBC, Premier Guarantee, Property Care Association and CIRIA guidance documentation, to name a few.

2. Design

Design Responsibility

We are able to take on design liability and provide a lead in the design element of Structural Waterproofing and Gas Protection systems. Our Designs, Technical Reports and Specifications are backed by a £5M Professional Indemnity insurance policy, to ensure that our ability to own the design risk is upheld. Our technicians undergo stringent ongoing training and all projects are signed off by CSSW certified Designers.

CAD Design

We take the project construction drawings and provide a complete set of working detail drawings which will produce a practicable design to be installed correctly to the structure. It is at this stage that any incompatibilities can be recognised and resolved.

We regularly attend design team meetings and provide recommendations and advice relating to the design strategy. When detailing the waterproofing design, we liaise between the architect, engineer, client and contractor to ensure the design is sufficient and practical.

3. Procurement & Delivery

Once the project is live and the detail designs have been finalised, the technical team work with our customer service team to provide a flexible procurement and delivery schedule.


Our experience and knowledge allow us to work with estimators and quantity surveyors to produce accurate estimates for the materials required. We can also break this up into quantities allocated to phases of construction or to suit programmes. For assistance in calculating tender requirements, contact us here.


Many construction sites have difficulties with the storage of materials and stringent delivery protocols. We assign a single point of contact from our customer service team to a project and they will work with the contractor to develop a logistics plan and ensure the correct goods arrive at the right times. We keep large quantities of products in stock and can hold stocks for contractors who require deliveries in small manageable quantities.

We continually invest in our delivery service through our affiliated partners which include fully trained drivers and a fleet of FORS-registered vehicles ensuring a first-class procurement and delivery service.

4. Quality Management

Innovative products and systems must be accompanied by robust quality management systems. From document control, to non-conformance reporting, Premcrete has it covered.

Document Control

Ensuring the construction team is working from the correct construction details is important, especially with the quantity and speed that information is transmitted. Premcrete manages the whole document system using the bespoke Premtrac system for complete transparency.

Site Training

Adequate site training of operatives is paramount for the successful installation of products on any project. Premcrete provides free on-site training to ensure competency. Prior to installation, we attend the site and hold training sessions with the site personnel who will be installing the products, we also issue typical detail photographs and videos which make it very easy for any installer to understand exactly how correct installation is achieved.

Quality Control

To provide an improved quality control procedure, we have developed the Premtrac app, also available as an online portal, used to manage the whole Quality Control procedure, from the quality of installation to document control and non-conformance reporting.

The contractor must upload photos and complete tick sheets for approval, approval is provided remotely in real-time by our technical team, we use Premtrac alongside our current site inspection regime to provide a complete and traceable quality control package.

Using Premtrac significantly speeds up the quality control process and improves traceability, anyone can log in from anywhere at any time to view any detail design, report or image.

5. Post-Project Support

Once the installation is complete, our technical team attend for a final check before issuing the final warranty. This is important as it warranties the products and the performance of the products in their installed condition. The Product Warranty, coupled with the £5M Professional Indemnity insurance, means that we are able to offer a robust warranty package.

Performance Warranty

We supply a 25-year product performance warranty which covers all Premcrete products within our designs.

Design Warranty

Waterproofing designs are for the lifetime of the structure, our 12-year design warranty covers all the detail designs and this is enabled by a £5M professional indemnity insurance.

Collateral Warranty

It is common practice for Premcrete as a consultant, adviser and designer to sign up to a collateral warranty. Our £5M professional indemnity insurance, allows us to enter into this agreement contractually.