Hydroflow HM

A Geocomposite Drainage Membrane.

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HYDROFLOW HM is a high-performance HDPE, cuspated drainage membrane incorporating a non-woven geotextile bonded to the outer face of the cuspates to produce a geocomposite drainage membrane. This is designed to provide an effective drainage layer, externally to water resisting structures. The membrane exhibits a good load resistance which ensures that the free draining void is maintained for the lifetime of the structure. HYDROFLOW HM offers excellent chemical resistance to alkalis and organic gases making it suitable for use in a variety of ground conditions.


HYDROFLOW HM is used to provide a filtered drainage plain that will provide a free-flowing void for the diversion of water away from the water resisting structure to ensure a head of water is never sustained for any period of time. HYDROFLOW HM is used in basement construction, retaining walls, podium slabs, basement roofs, tunnels and culverts.

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  • Rapid and easy installation by semi-skilled labour.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • High compressive strength to provide load resistance.
  • Minimal substrate preparation prior to installation.
  • Provides an effective free draining void for the life time of the structure.

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