Hydroprufe 9000
Gas Resistant Damp-Proof Membrane


HYDROPRUFE 9000 is a virgin polyethylene, reinforced gas membrane, incorporating an aluminium core, that provides an effective barrier to ground gases including methane, carbon dioxide and radon for the lifetime of the structure to which it has been installed. The polyester reinforcement component of the multi-layered membrane reduces the risk of tearing the membrane during the installation phase. HYDROPRUFE 9000 is suitable for welding using suitable hot air welding equipment or the laps may simply be taped jointed.


HYDROPRUFE 9000 is designed to be installed beneath ground floor slab construction to protect the structures from the ingress of ground gas and ground moisture. Typical applications include residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial units and other structures that require an effective membrane to resist ground gases and moisture.

BBA & BDA certified

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  • Restricts the ingress of ground gas to less than 40ml /M²/24hrs
  • Flexible yet robust membrane for ease of installation.
  • Conforms to BS 8485:2015
  • Joints may be welded, or tape joined
  • Reinforcement mesh component provides extra durability and tear resistance.

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